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SMJ Consulting is dedicated to erasing the stigma of cannabis use in modern society. Our focus is educating patients and medical professionals on the various options of cannabinoid therapy.
All recommendations are driven by current industry research,
best practices and are regulation compliant.

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Mary Szomjassy

Mary holds an M.Ed from WWU and has been focused on the study of cannabinoid pharmacology and practical applications for over two decades. She enjoys active collaboration with researchers from various disciplines in cannabis, medicine and education. Mary is dedicated to studying trends in data and patient responses to help guide medical professionals and patients towards developing a greater understanding of the beneficial impacts of purposeful cannabinoid formulations and dosing protocols. She focuses on sharing her expertise lecturing through international medical conferences including Cambia Palliative Care Conference, UW; Swedish Oncology Symposium among others. As a representative of Canvas Therapeutics in Thailand with the MFused Group, Mary plays a key role in providing education to drive policy on the benefits of therapeutic cannabinoids as the country begins to offer CBD legally. Her international work has expanded to Brazil and the Japanese oncology sector where she frequently lectures to physicians, pharmacy boards and patients alike. Driven by her desire for consumers to have access to the highest quality, sustainable medications, she has contributed intellectual property to cannabis formulations as well the development of delivery device technology with companies worldwide

Jessica Streufert RRT

Jessica is a Registered Respiratory Care Practitioner and a Cannabinoid therapy consultant with SMJ Consulting.  She travels nationally, lecturing at medical conferences and providing education to health care providers on cannabinoid pharmacology, practical applications, patient outcomes, pulmonary dynamics, and micro-dose treatment protocols. Jessica earned her Washington State board Respiratory Care license in 1998 and has more than two decades of hospital, emergency and intensive care experience. Jessica has been involved in the guidance and education of cannabinoid therapy to patients for over 7 years, while also developing protocols and formulas based on data trends gathered from patients' therapeutic cannabinoid responses. Jessica has applied her expertise and knowledge of the Endocannabinoid System to the new publication of the 5th edition of Palliative Care and Supportive Oncology medical textbook(Co-Author, Cannabinoid Chapter in Palliative Care and Supportive Oncology textbook, 5th edition; Berger, Ann M. Published. April 2021). She also helped coordinate a published study of cannabis and its effects on cognitive ability and recovery (published online: 10 Sep 2020 She is currently teaching the Pulmonary Dynamics of Vaporizing Vs. Smoking course through The Academy of Cannabis Science in 3 different college programs.


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